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SmartFood GF Kitchen

We are the only gluten-free commercial kitchen in Austin. The kitchen is as sustainable as possible and composts all food waste, recycles and uses only eco-friendly cleaning products.

If you are interested in Kitchen Rental please email Rates start at just $8/hr.

Smart Food Kitchen

Smart Food Kitchen

My two loves are food and science. I am attempting to meld my scientific background with my love of food and provide people with knowledge that stems from my studies of science and food. I am currently engrossed in an attempt to rationally analyze the great number of nutritional dogmas and publications. I hope my work and research will benefit others with a wide variety of chronic and acute illnesses.

The goal of this blog is to help people realize the healing power of food and the ease with which delicious food can be prepared. Hopefully, I will thus improve the health of regular joe’s as well as those with a variety of medical conditions.

Read this blog if you just like to cook or if you are intent on improving your health. I also do my best to provide scientific references, especially in the case of claim to health benefits.

Most my recipes take 10 min or less of prep time  and I usually use less than five ingredients. Many recipes demonstrate how to turn one dish into many that can be enjoyed throughout the week. 

Check out Great Videos to recipes on this blog: Brown Rice & Cranberries Yummy Salad