Quicky Gluten Free Gumbo for 2

by foodsmarty

Quick Gluten Free Gumbo for 2


A hearty bowl of vegetables and rice make a complete protein bolstered by peas or seafood. The warm tones and the variety of vegetables add vitamin C, thiamine, and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is used to make pyridoxal phosphate in the body and is very important for energy metabolism, along with thiamin.  Swiss chard is a powerhouse over celery adding the antioxidant Vitamin A and many polyphenols. The stems have a similar texture to celery and they serve as a wonderful aromatic.

The sunflower oil adds much needed polyunsaturated fat. Forget chicken in your traditional gumbo. Eat this for a real variety of nutrients.

Option to be vegan

I posted all these pictures and videos on how to do this on Instagram (12/10/2015).



Soak some (1 cup) brown rice in a bowl


Sauté 1/3 c SmartFood Flour in 3 T – 1/4 c sunflower oil (make a roux)

A roux is made by sautéing flour in oil on low heat until the flour turns brown red…be sure to watch it as it bubbles in the first stages and then bubbles become smaller and then the brown color develops…once it is tinged red it is finished, don’t burn it by trying to keep going, like nuts it will keep cooking on it’s own, stir constantly (ie frequently in my book).


Or mix in equal amounts:

Garbanzo flour

Brown Rice flour

Tapioca flour


Add 2 onions and olive oil, sauté while chopping other vegetables


Pull peas and/or langastino/shrimp out of freezer



1 red bell pepper

stems of swiss chard

2 inches daikon radish

1/3 c parsley


Saute till softened


Drain brown rice and add to pot with three cups water


Simmer 20 min-30 min

(Saute in a small amount of water the swiss chard leaves as a side dish)

Add a mixture of desired herbs


1 fennel frond

3 sage leaves

2 T fresh oregano

2-3 stems thyme

a few leaves lemon verbena

Add 1 heaping teaspoon miso (dark preferably)

Cook 5-10 min


Add ½-1 cup (frozen) peas and seafood option (1 c langoustines or shrimp)


Cook two min, serve


Add extra water anytime it is needed, 1-2 more cups depending on desired thickness, cooking time, and amount of rice added.