Three Vegetable Dahl

by foodsmarty

This recipe will take 3-4 days pre-prep time to sprout mung beans. Once sprouted, they will keep 4 days- 1 week in the fridge. Sprouting increases the protein content, and combined with the blending, makes for a highly digestible Ayurvedic dish. Leaving out or substituting for the tomatoes and peppers easily transforms this dish into a Macrobiotic Dish.

1 c mung beans

Soak overnight in water, drain and place on counter covered with a towel. If you have the right size strainer and bowl, place soaked mung beans inside strainer lined bowl. This will facilitate rinsing and draining. Every 24 hours fill bowl with water and then immediately drain the water off. This will give the mung beans a good rinse to remove any bacteria and “water” the beans.

All sprouted mung beans

1 carrot

1 celery stick

1 can diced tomatoes

Cook above until soft on low heat, 2-3 hours, with 1 ½ quart water. Blend well.

1 ½ c sliced parsnips

1 plaintain

1 green chili

1 t fresh grated turmeric (1/2 t dried)

Add above vegetables to puree and cook 30 min-1 hour.

1 ½ t cumin seeds

1 ½ t coriander

2 t fennel seeds

½ t black peppercorns

1 t fresh grated ginger

Grind spices and add to ginger with a bit of water to make a paste. Fry this in 1 T coconut oil until the spices become fragrant. Add to the dahl mixture, stir to combine (cook 5 min).

3 c fresh baby spinach

1/3 c chopped green onion

1 ½ t Himalayan or mineral/sea salt

1 can organic coconut milk (unsweetened)


Stir in salt, spinach and green onion. Add 1 can coconut milk and stir to combine. Serve immediately.