Unique Walnut and Quiona Salad

by foodsmarty


Prep time: 5 min

Cook time quinoa and potato: 15 min



a balanced and hearty salad


I always have a pan of a cooked grain in the fridge ready to be used. If you keep a cooked grain on hand the prep time is significantly decreased. I also keep a few potatoes on hand already boiled so they are easy to throw into some eggs or tofu stir fry or add substance to a otherwise light salad or veggie stir fry. Adding a few herbs or spices to some diced boiled potatoes (which can then be gently warmed in olive oil) make an easy side dish when you need a quick dinner. Be careful to not use too high of heat on olive oil to prevent the production of toxic acrylamides. If high heat is desired then use oil with a higher smoking point such as canola or coconut.


 In this dish I actually used left over fried potatoes from the night before for a smooth addition to this lovely salad. As a simple carbohydrate potatoes are a very easily digestible food so make a good choice for those with a sensitive stomach or gi issues. Rosemary is a wonderful choice for an herb as it has anti-inflammatory properties.




1/3 lb plus mixed leaf lettuce

½ c cooked quinoa

½ c cup walnuts

1 beet, diced or sliced

1 potato, cooked, diced and fried

2 T fresh rosemary, chopped

¼ c blue goat cheese (optional)

3T olive oil

3T apple cider vinegar


Add all ingredients to bowl and drizzle with olive oil and apple cider vinegar to taste.