Three Layer Party Dip

by foodsmarty


Three Layer Dip

This is my replacement dish for the outdated unhealthy seven layer dips I see at parties that are often store bought and full of preservatives. The techniques here are very simple and this recipe makes extra salsa and beans you can save for eating next to eggs, for nachos or eating seperately.

Although you can use canned refried beans, it is best to make things from scratch. It is not only more fiscal but cans are usually lined with plastic containing BPA to prevent rust. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor and it is especially important for women and children to avoid BPA.

This dish is not labor intensive but must be started three days in advance.


2 min/day for soaking and rinsing beans

5 min to make beans

1 hour min to refry beans (passive and requires stirring every 10 min)

5 min to prep final dish

10 min to make salsa


8 oz Goat Cheese

Or for vegan dip use cashew cheese

Refried Beans:

Black Beans


1 onion


chili powder


1 can diced organic tomatoes

1/4 c fresh parsley

2 garlic cloves

1 T olive oil

1 t sea salt

1 seranno chili or jalepeno


1. Soak 2 cups black beans in water overnight, drain

2. Twice, every 24 hours rinse beans and leave out at room temperature, if they are organic they will sprout, this step is moot for non-organic beans.

3. Add beans to two quarts water and cook in crockpot or heavy saucepan. Cook 8 hours/overnight. Either at beginning of cooking or two hours before finished add rest of ingredients to beans. Beans can be used immediately or saved up to two days and then refried. I suggest this be your dinner one night and another night refry them for this dish.

4. To refry beans put in blender leaving off as much liquid as possible (so bean still blend). Puree till smooth.

5. Put in your largest saucepan; cook on low, stirring every 10 to even 20 min so the bottom layer does not burn and you let most of the liquid evaporate

Meanwhile make Salsa:

1. Place parsley, jalepeno, and garlic in food processor; pulse until finely chopped. Add 1/4 of red onion and repeat till minced.

2. Drain tomatoes and add along with other ingredients, pulse a few more times

3. If cilantro is in season it also makes a nice addition.

Assemble Dip

1. In a pretty pie pan or square baking dish spread 2-3 cups of refried beans.

2. Microwave goat cheese in a glass bowl for 30 seconds, spread on top of beans

3. Gently spread salsa on top of Goat cheese and perhaps sprinkle with additional chopped red onion or other garnish.

Serve with Chips, bread or crackers.