Homemade Mayonnaise

by foodsmarty

One of the most important thing to eliminate in your diet, if you want to improve health is food chemicals. These include all non-food items such as preservatives, and flavors, artificial or “natural”. The only difference between natural and artificial flavors is in the method used to synthesize. Artificial come from a bottom up synthesis, otherwise starting with organic chemical elements (such as Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc) and addition specific elements to reach the desired result. Natural flavors are synthesized in a top down manner. That is a whole element, namely a “natural (food) source” is broken down (by heat, chemicals, cold, etc) into smaller elements. The final results are pretty similar except with “natural flavors” there tends to be more contamination because of the synthesis method. That is to say a “natural” flavor of cherry is more likely to have byproducts than an “artificial” flavor or cherry. Neither are foods and if you believe in eating a whole-food diet you should consume neither. The term “natural” means absolutely nothing in the food world and is not regulated by any entity. It is employed as a marketing tool simply due to what the word actually means in the english language. To determine if something is natural or not read the ingredients. No ingredients in anything you eat should be something that you cannot imagine growing or living as an organism, whether microscopic or as large as a cow.

Preservatives are chemicals your liver must break down. Usually this is through Phase II detoxification by conjugation with sulfur containing compounds and glutathione.

(I actually used to get hives before I took out these from my diet. Never again!. )


Pictured: Avocado with Mayo on Misty Morning’s Sorghum GF loaf. (The best GF bread in town)

In blender place:

1 egg yolk

Juice of 1/2 – 1 lemon


Keep blender on and add 

in a very slow steady stream

1/2-3/4 c oil

About every fourth cup of oil stop blender to look at progress. When it is a solid, stop adding oil. Adding more oil will not make it thicker only thinner or it can fall apart.

Don’t worry if this happens. Just add another egg yolk and lemon and blend on high again.

Keeps up to two weeks.

My favorite condiment is Mayonnaise which I gave up for years until I found out how easy it is to make. Although more strongly flavored I enjoy making it with the more healthful olive oil. A mixture of olive oil and GMO-free canola oil is the best flavor!

If your making a mayonnaise based dish using homemade will add 5 min but will turn a plain dish into AMAZING. You will the hit of a party!