Chocolate Avocado Shake

by foodsmarty


Craving chocolate ice cream or a chocolate shake. Try this instead. It tastes the same and will make you feel great!

Avocado have monounsaturated fats called oleic acids. These are the same fats found in olives and are good for your heart and digestive system. Although this dish is high in fat remember that it is sugar and carbs that will make you fat, not healthy fats.


1 avocado

1 T cocoa or carob powder

2 T honey (opt)

1/2 c soy milk or rice milk

1 c crushed ice

1/4 t maca powder (opt)

Blend in blender.

I like to only use WestSoy unsweetened soymilk because it is the only brand without “Natural Flavor”. What is that anyway?