Sweetly Roasted Chicken

by foodsmarty

Sweetly Roasted Chicken

Don’t be tempted to purchase a chicken for five or three dollars at the grocery store. Go to the farmers market and buy an organic whole chicken for $8-$12. Considering that this is what one entrée at a restaurant costs and that a whole chicken will serve 4 do not be defrayed by the cost. Eating this chicken has nothing gross about it and you will know how a chicken is supposed to taste and make you feel. Morality-wise you can feel good as well knowing your chicken ran around in a yard or grass instead of in a pen, never walking or seeing the light of day and having his beak cut off.



½ c crushed pinapple

3 T organic tamari (soy sauce without preservatives, please don’t use Kikkoman, SO BAD!)

1 ½ T honey

3 T tapioca flour or corn starch, dissolved in an 1/8 c water.

1 star anise, break into a couple pieces


Rub chicken with sea salt and place breast side down in a glass baking dish; cover with foil. Preferably marinate overnight. Place in a cold oven and turn to 350 degrees F. Bake on hour or until internal temperature registers 180 degrees F. Sauce may be poured off and reduced by simmering on low until thickened. If necessary add additional tapioca.