Stewed Goat

by foodsmarty

Stewed Goat

Buying meat from the farmers market is not an expensive endeavor. The price may seem high at first but the high quality of meat lends superior flavor and satisfaction that in a dish such as this is complemented by a large number of vegetables. Eating less meat and more vegetables will also help prevent excess body acidity.

  Additionally eating this way will help support small sustainable agriculture, your local farmers, and will benefit your body because the meat provides more nutrition without the toxic side effects of meat from Big Agra. I spent $5 on the meat for this dish and it serves four.

Following this recipe in the order it is written will allow for smooth culinary execution and does not require an initial reading of the recipe.


Have These Ingredients and remember you are free to vary quantities or substitute vegetables:

1 lb goat meat, any cut

Rice vinegar


Bell pepper


Red potatoes or brown rice


Tomatoes (can or fresh)

Tomato paste





1 lb goat ham, chopped

Marinate goat for 20 min in :

2 T rice vinegar

½ t salt

Meanwhile fry and slightly brown

1 onion


1 bell pepper

Fry 3 min

Add Goat and brown for 3 min.


2 c water

¼ c red wine

1 T tomato paste

Simmer on low 1 hour


2-3 diced red potatoes (or ½ c rice plus 1 c water)

½ c blended tomatoes (canned or fresh)

1 T dried basil

Simmer 1 hour.


2 diced zucchini

1 sprig (lemon) thyme

For more veggies add:

1 c diced broccoli.