White Beans and Mushrooms

by foodsmarty

Winter Beans and Mushrooms

Prep time :10 min

Cook time: 4 hours in crockpot

30 min on stovetop


½ c dried garbanzo beans

1 ½ c dried lima beans/ other white bean

Wash beans, soak overnight and cook in 4-6 c water until soft and skins begin to come off lima beans.


4 oz fresh mushrooms

1 leek, green leaves only

1 lemon

2 t white miso

3 sprigs thyme



Use vegetable peeler to skin off half of lemon. Add to water and cook 2o min. Fry mushrooms and leeks until lightly browned. Add beans and 4 cups of water or less.  Add thyme and simmer on low until most of the water is evaporated for 30 min. Add the miso and stir to dissolve. Serve.