Broccoli and Cranberry Pilaf

by foodsmarty

This wonderful pilaf can also be a great Holiday Vegetable dish if you leave out the Quiona. This dish can also be made with short grain brown rice if you want to save your wallet.

I suggest the Quiona if you are a vegetarian/vegan and want to use this dish as your protein. If that is the case, the addition of walnuts or sunflower seeds or even chick peas would be an extra nutritious boost.


Broccoli actually is a great food for detoxification as it’s glucosinolate phytonutrients supports all three pathways of detoxification. You may use raw broccoli for this dish, but  the fiber of steamed broccoli actually is better for  binding and eliminating  bile acid more efficiently. This helps with overall health as well as the reduction of cholesterol since bile is made with cholesterol.

Cranberries are a wonderful antioxidant as they provide very high levels of proanthocyans. Anthocyans are antioxidants that serve as barriers to bacteria, especially in the bladder’s cell walls. This is why it is wonderful for fighting and preventing urinary tract infections.

Total Recipe Time: 20 min, 10 min prep

1.5 lb broccoli (average bunch)

1 scant cup dried cranberries, chopped lightly

2 T  fresh tarragon

1 lime, juiced

3 T olive oil

3 T parsley

1/2 c walnuts, raw or toasted

2 cups quiona (wash gently in water)

Steam or boil broccoli in 4 cups of water until it turns bright green (about 2-4 min). Add quiona to this water and cook  for 20 min on low.

Chop broccoli and other ingredients, and mix all together.