Peas and Rice: 8 min prep time.

by foodsmarty

Split Peas and Rice Healing Soup

Peas and rice make a complete protein in this tasty and nutritious vegan soup. The turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory.

This is an excellent dish to begin a short term dietary cleanse. This would entail a week to a month of eating as a very clean vegan and only eating foods in their whole form. The best time of year to do such a thing is the transition from Summer to Fall or Spring to Summer. Eating pure and free of dairy, meat, sugar, and refined foods can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional  state, even if for a few days. Remember that the first three days of such dietary changes will be the most difficult. A week will reap benefits that will be easily felt.

1 cup organic dried split peas

1 cup short grain brown rice

½ t turmeric

¼ t coriander, cumin

1 bay leaf

1 t whole fennel

Wash peas and rice. Fry rice in oil till browned a bit. Add spices and 6 cups water and bring to a boil. Simmer on low on 1 ½ hrs. The peas should still be whole and have a tiny bit of crunch to them.

Garnish with green onions and organic cilantro. Cilantro must be organic.

The fennel and turmeric are the most necessary spices. More spices may be added for more distinct flavor.