Roast Chicken and Soup from Leftovers

by foodsmarty

Roast Chicken and Two Soups out of leftovers.

Although this dish uses bacon, the use of it as a flavoring for a free range chicken that is typically lower and fat and dryer works wonders. The flavor and will impress dinner guests and those who are used to eating at restaurants or picky eaters. Be sure your bacon is organic and especially free of nitrates so you don’t feel lethargic after eating this meal. If you desire the bacon may be left out. You may also assemble this dish ahead of time and then simply put in the oven an hour before serving time, leaving you free to socialize.






2-4 slices Bacon (nitrate and preservative free)

Organic Whole Chicken

Use any quantity of each ingredient desired, experiment and have fun using what you have on hand.

Chop cilantro stems and leaves and 5 cloves garlic. Mix stem half of cilantro and 4 cloves of garlic to a bit of olive oil and vinegar of your choice (or lemon juice). I used about 3 T oil and 1 T white balsamic vinegar.
Separate skin from chicken and rub mixture under skin.

Add 1 garlic clove to rest of cilantro and a bit of oil and lemon and if desired a bit of finely chopped onion.Set aside and serve with chicken.

Stuff inside of chicken with one piece of bacon and a variety of the aromatics. Put the rest around the chicken in the pan. Drape 1 piece of bacon under chicken and 2 slices over.  Cover with foil.

Cook at 425 F for 45 min – 1 hr, a five pound chicken should take about 45 min if it is organic and free range because of the lower fat content. A regular chicken will take one hour.

15 min before time is up take the foil off the chicken, drain juices from pan and put chicken back in oven to brown the skin. At this time you may also use the juices to make a gravy or you may save the juices for split pea soup.

Split Pea soup from leftovers:

1 lb split peas

½ onion


Bay leaf

Leftovers from chicken dish (aromatics, gravy and 2 bacon pieces)

Saute ½ onion in pan with ½ t whole fennel seeds and 1 bay leaf. Add juices from chicken along with 2 of the bacon pieces and 1 carrot and celery (or more) worth of leftover aromatics from chicken dish.

Wash 1 bag (1 lb) split peas in a bowl of water. Fill bowl with water then let sit 10 min, drain and rinse again.

Add to aromatics and fill pan with water (4-5 cups).

Simmer on low 1.5 -2 hrs.

Alternatively  or also:                                                  Tortilla Soup

1-2 onions

1 can tomatoes


Garnishes Optional:

rice or tortilla chips (add cooked rice or tortilla chips immediately prior to serving)

raw cheese free from hormones (optional)


Boil Chicken carcass 2 hrs in large stock pot with 1 bay leaf. Remove from water and take off any meat adding it back to water.

Meanwhile fry 2 onions, 2 garlic cloves till soft, then add 1 can tomatoes.

Blend half of this mixture and add all to the stock with any of original leftover chicken meat.

Add cold chopped ingredients of your choice (optional)




green onion

tortilla chips