Swedish Style Meatballs

by foodsmarty

Swedish Style Meatballs

This dish is like Swedish meatballs but is made healthier and gluten-free by the use of protein-rich garbanzo flour for the sauce. The garbanzo flour also has a wonderful sunny taste. Serve over a mixture of short grain brown and wild rice. The same dish can also be made with a tomato sauce and served over pasta. The tomato variety is equally delicious over rice. (In fact I am gorging myself on that right now!)

Delicious accompanied with caramelized summer veggies.

Time: 1 hour or more


2 lbs ground beef or buffalo (hormone and antibiotic free, preferably grass fed or finished)

½-3/4 lb uncooked sausage (preferably a breakfast sausage) (use ¾ lb if using buffalo)

1 onion

I spicy pepper or Hungarian wax chili

5-10 mushrooms

3 t dried oregano

1 t salt

Flour or gluten-free flour of your choice.

Sauce (optional):

Garbanzo flour (optional)

Chorizo (optional)

Put onion and pepper and oregano in foodprocessor. Chop till finely diced. Add 1 lb meat and sausage, mix, then add rest of meat.

Heat canola oil on pan on medium high.

Roll balls from meat mixture in flour  and place in hot oil. Fry 2-4 min till brown and then flip. Cover with a lid and cook about 10 more min until cooked all the way through.

Repeat with 2nd batch.

Scrape frond off bottom of pan and add to pan 1/3 c chorizo sausage (low fat and preservative-free, best bought from the farmers market). If necessary add a bit more canola oil.

In blender blend ½-3/4 c garbanzo flour with about 2 cups water. Add flour and water mixture to chorizo once it is cooked, wisk till smooth. Then stir frequently (every min.) until it comes to a simmer. Stir constantly till liquid is reduced and sauce thickens. It should be a dark golden color or the color of a blond roux. Somewhere here add some salt (1/2 t) and pepper  (1 t).