Caramelized Summer Veggies

by foodsmarty

Caramelized Summer Veggies

This dish is a great way to get vitamin C in the summer when peppers are in season and oranges are out! The peppers also pack a punch of vitamin A and the miso is a probiotic digestive aid.

Different levels of cooking make a simple dish very flavorful. The onion is cooked at least 45 min to bring out rich caramel flavors. The peppers are cooked about 15-20 min to take away any acidity and bring out their sweetness without overcooking. The squash is lightly seared to match in flavor but retains much of its raw crispyness.

Plan to make this dish when you will be around the kitchen for an hour. It does not require much effort in assembly but must be watched and stirred every 5-10 min depending on your stove temperature.



Orange and Red Peppers

Zuchinni or any squash

Miso paste

Aside: The amounts of each ingredient can be varied for your taste and what you have on hand.

1 lg onion, sliced

Cook onion on low until it starts to turn golden (about 30 min).

4 long skinny sweet yellow peppers, sliced

3 long skinny sweet red peppers, sliced

Slice peppers thinly and add to onions on medium low. Saute 10 min

2 zuchinni, julienned

1 T miso paste, dissolved in water

Turn up heat to medium or medium-high and add zuchinni and miso mixture. Stir around. Let zuchinni get brown  on one side then turn off heat. The zuchinni should be browned a bit but should still be bright green and crisp.