Coconut Custard

by foodsmarty

Coconut Custard

An excellent substitution for dairy yogurt, custard, or pudding.

Min time: 1 hr. 40 min,  5 min prep

1 can coconut milk, organic

½ t vanilla

2 T raw honey or agave syrup

½ t agar agar

Bring milk to simmer, add agar, and stir till dissolved. Turn heat to low and add honey and vanilla. Cook with occasional stirs for 3-5 min. Let cool on counter, then in fridge covered with plastic wrap to prevent a film from forming on top. If needed in a hurry, let cool 10 min on counter, then 1 hr 20 min in fridge.

Serve alone or ideally spoon over fresh fruit (pears/papaya) and sprinkle with cinnamon or grated chocolate. This is also good over canned pears.