Chili con Carne

by foodsmarty

Chile con Carne

Chili is delicious, but a very unhealthy dish if eaten in a restuarant or worse out of a can. Made homemade with dried, whole chilis, a wonderful flavor is imparted the makes the usual high beef fat content unnecessary. Be sure to buy ground sirloin and/or drain the meat well after frying. For best results soak the beans overnight, then drain and cook in three times the water as beans for 3-6 hours, adding more water if necessary. A crockpot can also be used. Alternatively use canned beans but make sure that the only ingredients are salt, beans and water and preservatives such as sodium benzoate are not present. Asorbic acid would be acceptable as it is simply vitamin C.

Brown on med-high heat until skin bubbles about 2 min per side:

10 whole adobe chilies, seeds removed

2-3 chipotle chilies

Place in bowl and cover with water, let soak till soft, 30 min-3 hrs

Saute on low till onion is translucent:

1 lg onion

2-3 garlic cloves

Turn heat up and add:

1 t cumin

1 t hot chili

Blend above with

28 oz tomatoes

Add to

½ pinto beans (about four cups cooked)

¾ lb (approx) ground beef (2 cups cooked)

1 bay leaf

1 oz dark or unsweetened chocolate

Simmer on low for one hour.