Half-Raw Squash Soup

by foodsmarty

Half-Raw Squash Soup

This soup still has the flavor of savory lusciousness only brought about by browned foods, but has enough raw squash to almost digest itself without the need for that sometimes less than trusty pancreas.

If you have digestive issues, or an inflammatory disease of the intestine, this soup will be perfect for you. The use of the raw squash, barely heated to serve, preserves the vegetables natural enzymes that will assist in digestion. Blending the vegetables also makes for easy digestion. If needed, for example, in a colitis flareup, you can blend all the veggies/fruit.

Amount of spice used depends on personal taste, ¼ t and you will have no recognizable flavor of the spice, ½ and the flavor seeps through to recognition.

This soup is also lovely at room temperature and even cooled a bit to consume the entire amount in one day when undergoing a detox, or prep for a fast or within a vegetable fast.

1 onion

2 stalks celery

1 apple

1 3 in stem rosemary

2 garlic cloves

¼ -½  t ginger

¼-½ t cumin

½ t salt

1T coconut oil

3 T olive oil

1 quart chicken broth, reserve ½ c.

1 lb mild squash such as chayote, yellow or zucchini

Slightly brown onions in olive oil with rosemary stem intact by frying on med-high for 5 min. Then add chopped celery, half of apple ,garlic, and spices, cook till fragrant and brown (5 min on high).

Blend raw squash with chicken broth, reserving half of one squash.

Add onion mixture to blender and puree till smooth.

Meanwhile brown the diced half of squash and apple in coconut oil, cook on high 3 min stirring frequently and deglazing pan with chicken broth when brown bits get stuck to bottom, only add a few T of broth at a time so veggies can continue to fry. Cook till slightly soft and brown.

Add squash and aromatic mixture to pan and heat till warm, or if making ahead of time take off heat and warm before serving.