Onion Miso Soup

by foodsmarty

The inspiration for this soup came about from feeling under the weather, perhaps the beginning of HIN1….I was physically weakened by a five day fast then a weekend of ACL music festival so I was trying to think of a recipe that would be a great bolster to my immune system as well as appeal to my lack of appetite.

All the ingredients in this soup bolster immunity and the fermented miso improves digestion and is an excellent source of probiotics. Onions and garlic have organosulfates in them. These inhibit the production of COX and LOX, pro-inflammatory factors. Along with oregano they are anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial.

If you are interested in the science I am happy to provide more details and references.

4 onions

1.5 T miso

3 garlic cloves

1 quart organic chicken broth

3 c water

1-2 T fresh oregano

½ lemon juice (opt.)

Slice onions and caramelize onions by cooking on med-high heat and stirring often. This should take about 20 min. Alternatively put on low heat and stir occasionally for 30-40 min. Add sliced garlic cloves, fry 3 min, and add broth, miso and water. Simmer on low for 20-30 min depending on when you need to serve.  Five min before serving add oregano and lemon if desired.